Second Script Learner Language Courses

This course is aimed at learners for whom the writing system in German is still largely unknown, but who are already literate in their mother tongue.

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Second Script Learner Course Overview

In the second language course you learn in small steps up to level B1. Then you will be able to communicate well in any everyday situation. In the orientation course, you will then get to know German culture and everyday life.

The components of the lessons are closely oriented to authentic language use and everyday life with its diverse requirements. You will be prepared for the exam as well as for your life in Germany.

  • star Requirement: non-literate or slow learning preferred
  • timelapse 1000 teaching units (incl. orientation course)
  • school g.a.s.t. German Test for Immigrants (DTZ)
  • euro usually fully funded

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Access requirements

Not literate or slow learner preferred


The course ends with the certificate examination "Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer" by g.a.s.t.


The course includes 900 teaching units in the integration course and 100 teaching units in the orientation course.


As a rule, the course is fully funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Special Services for Course Participants

A special feature of our language school is the confidential support provided by our social counseling service, where we are happy to help you with letters from the authorities. We are also open to help with other everyday problems. In addition, the language coach institute offers all course participants the possibility to borrow the necessary technology for the online courses, such as laptops or headsets, for the duration of the course.

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