Company language courses

German for companies

Would you like your team to learn German as quickly and effectively as possible?

Flexibility and experience are the basis for successful company language courses. These courses are adapted individually to each company in order to achieve an optimum learning success.

Efficient language learning, briefly summarized:

  • Placement interview at your company
  • Teaching at a high professional level, based on a well-founded didactic method
  • Individual learning support by highly qualified lecturers
  • Optimal combination of the main topics related to communication and the working world
  • On-site training at your company upon request
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Choice between individual training and group lessons, small groups
  • Time scheduling according to your wishes
Participants of a language course

Individual or group training for your employees,
upon request also on-site at your company

Office LCI

Our company language courses are tailored to your company's requirements

Teaching material

Effective further training for your employees by our highly qualified and motivated lecturers

Placement interview directly at your company

To develop the best learning strategy for your employees, we need to know your company and the level of knowledge of your employees. We know that time is precious; therefore we visit you in your company for a placement interview. This interview is intended to provide you with an individual offer for your employees’ further language learning, tailored precisely to their level of knowledge and requirements of your business sector.

Coaching by highly qualified language teachers

Our academically certified language trainers and lecturers supervise the learning progress of all employees from the very beginning. This way, we guarantee a positive constant learning progress and the adherence to the curriculum of your further education. After all, we want the training program to be a success for your company.

Combination of the working world and everyday communication

In your individual curriculum we make sure to strike the right balance between professional and everyday communication. This allows your employees both to learn secure communication at work, and to use the language confidentially with their customers outside their business.

Flexible scheduling in one-on-one training and group lessons in big or small groups

Together with the company, we develop the optimal learning strategy for the employees. This also includes the choice of the group size of the learning units. Depending on the size of the company and the demands regarding the intensity required, we plan individual lessons or training programs in small or bigger groups. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will ponder together with you.

Tailored offer geared to your needs

We develop a customized offer, tailored to your needs and learning objectives. Depending on your preferences, we will come directly to your company for a placement interview. During the entire duration of your language program, you will be able to speak to your own contact person.

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