Professional German Courses for physicians

DeuFöV (BAMF) – special module academic healthcare professions

Do you have a degree in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy from your home country and would like to work in Germany in your professional field?

The special module “academic healthcare professions” prepares for the German language course/s, valid in the respective state, that is/are required for obtaining the license to practice medicine.

Take advantage of the Federal Government's offer on job-related language support for people with an immigration background and increase your chances on the job and training market.

  • Certification with telc German B2 / C1 medicine specialist language exam
Medical staff

Professional German Courses for physicians, dentists and pharmacists

Requirements for the participant

In order to get an authorization to participate in this course, it is necessary to have a B2 German language level and to provide a certificate to prove it. Those who take part in the modules, regarding the vocational German language promotion must fulfill various conditions. Ultimately, the employment agencies and job centers will decide about the participation:

  • You must be registered with your local job center as jobseeker and / or you generally receive benefits according to SGB II (Hartz IV) or SGB III (unemployment benefit) or
  • You are currently undergoing the recognition procedure for your professional qualification. In this case, consult your advisor.

400 - 600 lessons


In the special module "academic healthcare professions" participants are taught the general and subject-specific competencies at language level C1 in the medical, dental and pharmaceutical context.

The learning content and training scenarios are geared closely to authentic language use and the future everyday working situations. This will be expanded and differentiated according to the specific requirements in order to prepare participants not only for the examination, but also and above all, to strengthen and qualify them for the complex communicative requirements in the clinic, the practice or the pharmacy.

telc German B2 / C1 medicine and the respective technical language examination

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„I took part in the B2 course and successfully passed the exam. In the beginning, I thought: Oh! This is difficult, B1 was way easier. But the lessons were very good, I learned a lot and our teacher motivated us. We also discussed and laughed a lot during the breaks. Now I'm thinking about whether I can obtain C1 as well.“ – Participant German for physicians, spring 2016

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