Vocational German courses for healthcare professions

DeuFöV (Bamf) – Spezialmodul Gesundheitsfachberufe

We offer vocational German courses for healthcare professionals, maternity nurses, geriatric nurses, health and nursing assistants and physiotherapists who wish to apply for a work permit in Germany and/or improve their German language skills for professional or academic purposes.

Take advantage of the job-related language support for people with a migration background and increase your chances to get a job or apprenticeship in Germany.

The special module "healthcare professions" prepares you for the examination Deutsch B2 Pflege, which is an examination for professional purposes and can be taken at our company.

Vocational German courses for healthcare professions

Target group

The course is aimed at people who:

  • have completed training in nursing, care of the elderly, paediatric care, maternity care or physiotherapy in the country of origin
  • want to work in Germany in nursing, geriatric care, paediatric nursing, maternity care or physiotherapy
  • wish to apply for recognition of their professional qualifications or have already done so
  • are already employed as a nursing assistant or assistant in a health care profession
  • who are in the process of adapting or preparing for a knowledge test (health and nursing, physiotherapy, maternity care) and need support to successfully complete their degree


  • Development and acquisition of intercultural competence
  • Development and acquisition of the professional language in its numerous facets
  • confident appearance in professional communication situations with patients, relatives and colleagues
  • Examination of the nursing and therapeutic self-image
  • Examination of the prevailing professional roles and expectations in the German healthcare system


In 6 subject areas, contents are conveyed that are relevant in everyday work as well as in training and further education:

  • First interviews, diagnosis, anamnesis, admission interview
  • Treatment plan, nursing plan
  • Patient education
  • Supervising, accompanying, advising
  • Reports, handover talks, case discussions
  • documentation

Requirements for the participant

Certificate Deutsch B1 (not older than 6 months) or passed placement test


600 UE


Participation in a vocational German course and the final certificate examination is generally free of charge for non-employees.


telc Deutsch B2 Pflege

Next dates

BSK Medizin 2713.02.202307.08.202308:30 - 12:45

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